Chinese calligraphy / contemplating and seeing

To become familiar with calligraphy and appreciate it, it is necessary to view works attentively in order to grasp the variety and creativity in their execution.

rubbing of ancient work

However, contrary to Asians, who are immersed in an environment that prizes calligraphy, Westerners are hardly ever exposed to it. Chinese and Japanese calligraphy are not part of art or art history programs. And because in the West, the word calligraphy refers instead to beautiful writing, its interest is often underestimated if not completely overlooked. Worse, copies of works sometimes contain gross errors, such as being printed backwards in books that nonetheless purport to be serious studies.

However, some authors have done a remarkable job of bringing calligraphy to popular attention, and there are now a number of books that are very well documented. Unfortunately, only a few Western museums present major exhibitions of Asian calligraphy.


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