Chinese calligraphy / brush - bi

The brush is made of animal hair (goat, weasel, hare, marten, wolf, horse, etc.) mounted on a handle, generally made of bamboo or precious wood. Making a brush is a complicated process. The head contains a mixture of hairs of varying lengths that will hold the ink and then release it according to the pressure applied to the tip of the brush when pressed against the paper. When purchased, the hairs have a light coating of glue that is easy to remove by rinsing the brush in cold water.

calligraphy brushesThe calligrapher chooses his brush depending on the type of writing he wishes to do; the size of the brush and the type of hair chosen will vary depending on the style and size of the characters.

In a specialized shop there is a vast array of choice and, once again, it must be emphasized that the price of a brush is not necessarily indicative of its quality. Sometimes you can try a brush before buying it; some shops provide a special paper for this purpose that can be used with a brush that has simply been dipped in water.


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